Sunday, January 20, 2008

Debian Experience

I'm now involved in a very interesting situation here in my home. My brother and I are going to redesign our network, and have a joint operation domain. So, for the time being, my domain controller plans are on hold until those commence. However, the reason for this came about when a friend of mine asked me to host a game server for his game. He asked me to do this for a variety of reasons:

1) I have the(sic:his) hardware.
2) I have the time.
3) I'd like the experience.

So, using his hardware, we're going to build a Debian Linux box. I've never used Debian before. This is going to be fun.

My configuration:
Abit IC7 motherboard, 2 gigs of PC2700 DDR, and 2x80gb SATA drives to be configured in RAID1 format.

I've spent a good portion of the day installing Debian, trying out some things, screwing up the file system or the partitions, when I finally came across this:

This is a very handy guide for creating a software RAID1 on the drives. It varied a bit from my configuration, but, it's not hard to modify. If anyone's ever looking to do what I've done, this is very handy.

I e-mailed Paul and thanked him.

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